Scheme of Compassionate Appointment Go 182

  1. the Scheme of compassionate appointment to the dependents of Government employees who retire on medical invalidation has been revived as per the judgment of Supreme Court of India in the Appeal No.4210/2003, dated 12.08.2008, filed by Siva Murthy and others. In Para 15 of the said G.O. it was stipulated that the benefit of compassionate appointment on medical ground shall be confined to the cases where the Government servant retired on medical grounds shall have left over service of 5 years before attaining the age of superannuation irrespective of the age of superannuation prescribed for the posts and services. The required period of 5 years of left over service is to be reckoned from the date of issue of orders of retirement on medical invalidation.
  2. It has been observed that while processing the cases for providing compassionate appointment under the above scheme, number of cases are being referred to General Administration (Ser.G) Department for relaxation of the condition that the Government servant shall have five (5) years of left over service before the age of superannuation prescribed for the post and services, on the ground of delay occurred in cases at various stages of the scheme.
  3. The Standing Committee of Officers constituted in the reference 17th read above, in its meeting held on 25.01.2014, in case of compassionate appointment of Sri G.Ashok Reddy, S/o Sri G.Venkat Reddy, Forest Section Officer, and in case of Sri S.Baljeeth Singh, Dy EE, RWS & S who retired on medical grounds for relaxation of minimum left over service in terms of G.O.Ms.No.661, GA(Ser.G) Department, dated 23.10.2008, has observed that, the entire cases relating to medical invalidation need to be studied carefully so that the date of submission of the application for medical invalidation should cover the reasonable time taken to process the case before the Medical Boards so as to avoid the charge or complaint of administrative delay.
  4. Government after careful consideration of the matter, hereby orders that the required period of 5 years of left over service, appearing in para 15 of G.O.Ms.No.661, General Administration (Ser.G)Department, dated 23.10.2008, which is to be reckoned from the date of issue of order of retirement on medical invalidation, shall now be reckoned from the date, on which medical board approves the request of medical invalidation provided that the District Level Committee / State Level Committee approves the recommendation of medical board. However it is reiterated that all other conditions stated in G.O.Ms.No.661,General Administration (Ser.G)Department, dated 23.10.2008, remains unaltered.

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