Page Search Engine Optimization

On Page Search Engine Optimization

On page SEO is all about choosing the right keywords, creating content by targeting those keywords and optimizing it so that search engine bots love it and rank it higher in search results.

High position means high organic traffic to your blog. :)
What you will get in On Page SEO?

  1. 1# Blog Template and Structure Optimization
    Using SEO friendly template is must to gain best results from your blog. You just need to select a template and I’ll fully optimized it for better SEO. 
  2.  2# Keyword Research
    Choosing ‘right’ keywords before writing content is one of best way to increase chances of our posts rank on top positions in search results. I’ll select best keywords for your blog and those keywords will also be targeted in content and link building processes to increase traffic from search engines.
  3. 3# Content Optimization
    Writing SEO friendly content is the secret of success. Only keyword rich and quality content can help you to rank high in search results. I’ll help you to optimize your content. You just need to write the content and send to me for optimization before publishing it in your blog.
  4. 4# Internal Links Optimization
    Optimized internal links pass page rank to each linked page that increase Google Page Rank of entire blog. Also it’s a best way to increase blog page views and reduce bounce rate. I’ll optimize your internal links to increase readers engagement on your blog. Your blog’s overall page view count will boost.
  5. 5# Complete Blog Setup
    There are lot’s of settings should be done to optimize a blog. I’ll check all those settings and correct where necessary. I’ll also give you some advice so that you can learn every important factor to improve your blog rankings.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Off page SEO is all about promoting the blog among various sources by using Ethical Techniques, Building quality backlinks from related authority sites and maintaining proper ratio between dofollow and nofollow links.
  1. 1# Search Engine Submission
    Submitting blog to major search engines is the first step to inform them about our blog so that they can send their crawlers to crawl and index our content. I’ll submit your blog in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines so that you can gain maximum organic traffic for your blog.
  2. 2# Social Bookmarking
    Social Bookmarking is one the best ways to build quality backlinks. I’ll build quality dofollow links for your blog. Links from social bookmarking sites will increase your keyword ranking super fast and hence really targeted organic to your blog.
  3. 3# Blog Commenting
    It’s another most popular and trusted way to build quality backlinks for our blog. I’ll comment on highly authority and niche related commentluv and keyeordluv blogs on behalf of you. It’ll give genuine backlinks to your blog from relevant sites. Hence a better positioning in search results.
  4. 4# Guest Posting
    Submitting guest post to related high page ranks sites boost page rank of our own blog because of quality links from relevant sites. It’s a best way to promote blog among the wide audience. You’ll also get new readers to your blog. I’ll help you to choose best sites for guest blogging. You just need to write content and communicate with host blogger. If you are unable to write content then I’ll write content for you(with extra charges).
  5. 5# Social Media Promotion
    You would know that our Social Media likes and shares helps us a lot in not only getting target traffic but also in getting high rankings in search results because major search engines focus on social media share counts to decide ranking of a web page. I’ll promote your blog and blog posts in major social media sites like facebook, twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn etc.

    You can check traffic coming from these sites in your Google Analytic account

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