SSC 2014-15 New Pattern Model Papers

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SCF Proposes Continuous Comphrehensive Evaluation CCE at all stages of learning it si continuous in the sense that it is day to day activity and in this sense it is inspectable from the learning process. It is comprehensive as it covers all aspects of learning process and covers all the areas of academic standards of all subjects
In Summative Assesment SA we cannot asses the progress of the child in terms of the child oral pperformance. If the oral skills are left out, whatever assesment we carry out, it will not comprehensive. Morever, we cannot cover all the areas of academic standards espacially in terms of production of dicourses.Thats why we also go for Formative Assesment FA. FA means formative and developmental as it contributes to the language development of the child

In Formative Assesment the child undergoes a process of learning as he can reflect on his own performance. This why we have included self assesment tools at the end of eachuniy in the text book
Formative Assessment
  1. Formative Assessment is the assessment that takes place during a course or programme of study.
  2. It is an integral part of the learning process.
  3. It is often informal, i.e., it is carried out by teachers while teaching.
  4. It provides feedback to both teacher and learner about how the course is going and how learning can be improved during the course.
  5. It helps teacher and learner answer the following questions:
Summative Assessment
  1.  Summative Assessments are given periodically to determine at a particular point in time what students know and do not know.
  2. Summative Assessments are usually associated with standardized tests such as Board Examination, Half-yearly and Annual Examination and even Unit Tests.
  3. They are spread out and occur after instruction every few weeks, months or once a year.
  4. Hence they are tools to help evaluate the effectiveness of programmes, school improvement goals, alignment of curriculum and student placement.Since they are used to ‘sum up’ learning they are cal led Summative Assessments.
  5. They are always formal in nature.
  6. These assessments happen too far down the learning path to provide information at the classroom level and to make instructional adjustments and interventions during the A good comprehensive assessment programme balances formative and summative assessments.

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