Computers Play Important Role in Student Life

  1. Your computer is probably the most expensive and important thing in your dorm room.
  2. You write papers on it, download music, play games, compose e-mail and instant message friends on it. It is a tool for all things high-tech and a staple of the college student’s life.
  3. Your computer can also help take care of simple tasks that are easy to do but also easy to forget. Did you know your computer can wake you up in the morning, tell you when a test is, make a long-distance phone call for you and even keep in touch with friends through video.
  4. Chameleon Clock from SoftShape is a great piece of software. The clock downloads and replaces your normal toolbar clock.
  5. The beauty of it is that you can set different alarms for different days. Have a class on Monday and Wednesday, but not Friday? You can tell the computer to wake you up at 7:30 a.m. on those days, but let you sleep in on Friday.
  6. The software also can customize your alarm sound. You can wake up every morning to your favorite song in MP3 format.
  7. Chameleon also resets to atomic time automatically after a power outage. No more annoying blinking 12 a.m. after an electrical storm.
  8. Microsoft Outlook, which comes standard with Microsoft Office, can also help organize your life.
  9. It is much more than a program to check e-mail. If you want to take the time, Outlook can keep up with all your test times, homework assignments and various dates of high importance.
  10. An easy-to-navigate planner also allows effortless setup of recurring appointments (classes).
  11. A weekly planner lays out a to-do list in an aesthetically pleasing way.
  12. Need to make a phone call? offers cheap PC to phone calling rates for those of you with a microphone. The quality lacks somewhat, but it is cheaper than "dialing down the middle."
  13. You can also keep in touch with friends using a Webcam. Webcams are more than a tool to capture exploits of drunken debauchery and practical jokes.
  14. Your computer probably has the software installed to communicate with friends. Most Microsoft operating systems come standard with NetMeeting, which provides an easy way to communicate with friends without talking on the phone.
  15. The Ethernet connection in the dorm provides the speed needed for crisp and clear audio and video.
  16. Another cheap and free alternative is Camarades. The software is free and allows for a Webcam to be run continuously from your room, in the event you want to give your friends a chance to look into your daily routine.

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