Rc 1470 TSSA Community Participation in School Management

PROCEEDINGS OF THE STATE PROJECT DIRECTOR,Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Telangana State, Hyderabad
Proc.Rc.No.1470/CMO/T8/2014, Dt:01.10.2014
Telangana SSA, Hyderabad - Community Participation in School Management - Certain instructions issued - Reg.
Community Participation in School Management and Certain Instructions
1.   D.O.No.16-2/2014-EE.8, Dt: 07.07.2014, MHRD, New Delhi of the Secretary.
2. D.O.No.12-1/2010-MDM.2-1, Dt:28.07.2014, New Delhi of the Secretary.
It is to inform that, the Secretary, MHRD, New Delhi has issued some pro-active steps to deepen community participation & engagement in management of schools through SMC's. In this context it is proposed by the department of school education, Literacy, MHRD, New Delhi to celebrate following events for better participation of local community.
Celebrate Events for Better Participation of Local Community
  1. Identify some of the oldest schools in each district and celebrate its foundation day to highlight its heritage value and its role in the education of the local community.
  2. Celebrate the foundation day of all schools with the local community and SDMC's
  3. Invite distinguished retired teachers from the local school and honour them such occasions.
  4. Initiate celebration of local festivals by engaging community to start an education dialogue (Shiksha Samvad) on various issues of improving 
  5. school functioning and quality of learning. A few States are already doing this successfully through initiatives like Shiksha Shaniwar 
  6. (Rajasthan), Saturday Club activities (Assam), Chavdi Vachan (Maharashtra), Vali Sammelan-Community Fair (Gujarat) etc.
  7. To implement "Tithi Bhojan" which includes the serving the Food to the school children on special occasions like Marriage Day, Birth Day, Parental Day etc. sponsored by any of the Community members.
Tithi Bhojan facilitates:
  • i) Voluntarily served among school children in several forms like sweet and namkeen with the regular MDM meal, or complementary full TithiBhojan, or supplementary nutritive item like sprouted beans.
  • ii) Inculcating the feeling of equity and brotherhood among the children of all communities.
  • iii) Narrowing the gap between the school administration and the community.
  • iv) Development of rapport with the local community.
MDMS Social Audit
The Social Audit of MDMS in the school will include verification of:
  1. Regularity of serving meals.
  2. The quality and quantity of food given to children.
  3. The nutritional status of MDM being given to the children.
  4. The regularity of the meals served.
  5. Kitchen shed-the availability of the infrastructure such as kitchen-cum-stores and the utensils.
  6. Hygienic and safe cooking area and mode of cooking.
  7. Verification of quality, quantity and transportation of food grains.
  8. Verification of the stock and safe storage of food grains and other food items.
  9. Verification of cooking cost and its availability & consumption of meals.
  10. Verification of Cook-cum-helpers payment of honorarium and their appointment.
  11. Actual monthly expenditure (N00, SHG as the case may be).
  12. Verification of MDM passbooks.
  13. Availability of potable water, toilets, soaps for hand wash, plates, clean dining area.
  14. Health records including distribution of medical and health cards.
  15. Cross verification of official records with primary data at the community and school level.
  16. Verification of the record for tasting of the meal by atleast one teacher.
  17. Awareness about MDM.
  18. Social inclusion issues — sitting together and eating, ensuring no discrimination etc
  19. Emergency medical plan.
  20. The attendance registers, beneficiary or MDM registers, financial registers etc.
  21. Instances of corruption.
  22. How to develop monitoring strategy to record visits and read °tit the findings during SMC meetings.
  23. Any grievances.
The expenditure as such incurred may be met under the "Management Cost" A/c head as per the norms and guidelines.
All the Project Officers and District Educational Officers in the State are requested to follow the instructions and devise the plan of action accordingly and report compliance.

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