SSC Exams-2015 fee details, Important Points

  • As per rc149/B2-/2014 Dated 17-10-2014  Director of Government Examinations Telangana released the notification for SSC 2015 examinations.
  • The board is not allowing the private students who are not studying in school. OMR Documents and related material will be sent to all the TS Schools within two days. This timing details of SSC students would be sent through Online and Offline Methods.
  • All districts of DEOs, DCEB secretaries, Exams Assistant Commissioners had been trained in this online method and Dy. EOs and School Head Masters will get training within two days. Government school Head Masters should login on online with their school code, but Private school head masters should get passwords from their Dy.EOs for loging in online.

Important Dates for Remittance of SSC 2014-15 Exams
I. For SSC 2015 Candidates:
Last date for remittance of Examination fee by the candidates to the Headmaster concerned.
  •    Without late fee : 05-11-2014
  •    With late fee of Rs. 50/-: 15-11-2014
  •    With late fee of Rs.200/-: 25-11-2014
  •    With late fee of Rs.500/-: 06-12-2014
II. For School Headmasters:
Last date for remittance of Exams fee by the Headmaster in to the Sub-Treasury / SBH / SBI.
  •    Without late fee:07-11-2014
  •    With late fee of Rs. 50/-: 17-11-2014
  •    With late fee of Rs.200/-: 26-11-2014
  •    With late fee of Rs.500/-: 08-12-2014
III. Submission of NRs / ICR cum OMR by HM:
Last date for submission of NRs / ICR cum OMR by the Headmasters in the DEOs office.
  •    Without late fee:form 10-11-2014 to 12-11-2014
  •    With late fee of Rs. 50/-: 18-11-2014
  •    With late fee of Rs.200/-: 27-11-2014
  •    With late fee of Rs.500/-: 09-12-2014
Head of Account
DDO CODE: 25000303001


0202 - Education, Sports, Arts & Culture.

01 - General Education

102 - Secondary Education

06 - Director, Government Examinations,

800 - User Charges.
Fee Particulars
  1.   Fee for Regular candidates for all subjects is Rs.125/-
  2.   Fee for up to three and less than 3 subjects is Rs.110/-
  3.   Fee for more than 3 subjects is Rs.125/
  4.   Fee for Vocational candidates is Rs.60/- in addition to Regular Examination fee of Rs.125/- prescribed for SSC academic courses.
  5.  OMR cum ICR application forms have to be used for March 2015, Exams, which will be supplied to schools.
  6.  The candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes who are appearing for SSC March 2015 for the first time as Regular candidates and whose parental income does not exceed Rs.24, 000/- per annum in urban areas and Rs.20, 000/- or land holding not exceeding 2.5 Acres wetland / 5 acres dry land in Rural areas are exempted from the payment of the examination fee. As such, the Headmasters are requested to satisfy themselves about the Parental income by insisting upon a certificate issued by the Mandal Revenue Officer as per rules.

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