Employees Health Scheme in Telangana at www.ehf.telangana.gov.in

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Telangana EHS Webportal

Employees Health Scheme Web portal now consist of two separate for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State. This web portal was started and now it is functioning.  Government of Telangana has given great opportunity to the TS govt employees with Employees Health Scheme website. Employees Health Scheme Webportal provide employees health services of Health cards. The Telangana Employees can apply Health cards through this website. Employees can download the more information for Health Cards from this website.

Employees Health Scheme Webportal in Telangana

Employees Health Scheme in Telangana at www.ehf.telangana.gov.in
EHS Objective:
Employees Health Scheme is formulated to provide cashless treatment to the employees, pensioners of the State Government and their dependent family members, which will ipso facto replace the existing medical reimbursement system, with additional benefits such as post-operative care and treatment of Chronic diseases, which do not require hospitalization and treatment in empanelled Hospitals.

The Scheme is intended to benefit Serving employees and Retired employees of the state.
Aarogyasri Healthcare Trust has developed a separate portal (www.ehf.telangana.gov.in) for the scheme, enabling the employees and pensioners to log in and submit their e-application for enrolling themselves and their dependent family members under the scheme. The trust, after preliminary verification of the online application, will generate temporary health cards, pending issue of permanent cards
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