School Complex Grant 2014-15

School Complex Grant (@ Rs. 22,000/- per annum)
a.Contingency Grant – Rs.10,000/-
  1. Procurement of DVD Player, CDs, DVDs Digital Camera and Radio, maintenance / procurement of ROTs for Mana TV programmes.
  2. Permanent TLM material for preparation of TLM.
  3. Procurement of Registers, Records, Stationary etc.
  4. Teacher Reference Books
  5. Conducting of cluster level competitions to children.
b.Meetings and TA Grant – Rs. 12,000/-
  1. Cell phone charges to School Complex Head Master @ Rs.200/- per month for 12 months – Rs. 2,400/- per year.
  2. Providing Tea and Refreshments to the participants @ Rs.300/- per month – on an average Rs. 3600/- per year.
  3. Conveyance for school visit to the School Complex HM @ Rs. 300/- per month – Rs. 3,000/- per annum (Minimum 10 days tour in a month) subject to furnishing school visit report to DPO / DEO Postage / Xerox etc – Rs. 1000/- per year
  4. Melas, Talent Search Examinations, Documentation, Water and other contingencies etc. prizes / food or chocolates to children – Rs.2000/- per year.
  5. Others if any as per requirement from the savings of the above items.

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