School Grant, Maintenance Grant-Provision and Utilisation Guidlines

School Grant (Rs 5,000/- for PS, Rs 12,000/- for UPS and Rs 7000/- for UP Sections of High Schools)
School Grant, Maintenance Grant-Provision and Utilisation Guidlines
  1. The schools functioning under Government, Local Body, MPP, ZPP, Tribal Welfare (ITDA), Social Welfare, APRIES, APSWRIES, APTWRIES, Disabled Welfare and Aided Management will be released school grants. The provision for primary school is Rs.5000/- per school per annum.
  2. Upper Primary Schools having I to VII or VIII Classes are to be considered as two schools i.e. Primary School (I to V) and Upper Primary School (VI to VII or VIII) for sanction of School Grant. Hence, an upper primary school is eligible for an amount of Rs.12000/- (Rs. 5000/- for PS + Rs. 7000/- for UPS) towards school grant. Therefore, an amount of Rs. 12000/- has to be released to Upper Primary Schools (I to VII or VIII Classes) towards School Grant.
  3. High schools will be released Rs.7000/-
School Grant Utilization
  1. Purchase of games & sports material.
  2. Procurement of science lab material, games and sports material in case of upper primary and high schools.
  3. Utilizing grants to Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations
  4. Purchase of soap liquid and towels for hand washing of children.
  5. Stationery, Xeroxing, Procurement of Radio (if not available)
  6. Provision of stationary for conducting exams.
Maintenance Grant (Rs 5000/- to 10,000/-)
  1. The Schools having own buildings and functioning under Government, Localbody, Tribal Welfare, Social Welfare, APRIES, APSWRIES, APTWRIES and Disabled Welfare Managements are eligible for maintenance grant. (Maintenance grant shall not be released to aided schools).
  2. The maintenance grant shall be released @ Rs. 5000/- to the schools having upto 3 classrooms and @ Rs. 10000/- to the schools having more than 3 classrooms. Upper primary schools having I to VII classes are to be considered as two schools i.e., primary school (I to V) and upper primary school (VI to VII) for sanction of maintenance grant. However, it should not exceed the approved budget.
Maintenance Grant Utilization
The grant shall be utilized for the following items as per the priority shown below:
  1. Payment of electricity bills per month for primary for upper primary and upper primary sections of high schools.
  2. Maintenance of toilets: Not exceeding 300/- per month if the maintenance grant is 5000/- per school, if grant is 10000/- per school 500/- either on outsourcing basis or by hiring a local person until an arrangement is made by Government
  3. Maintenance of drinking water facility and providing potable water wherever permanent source of drinking water facility is not available.
  4. Maintenance of equipment (TV, Computer, Radio, fans, electrical hand switches, electrical motor etc.,)
  5. Minor repairs to floor, roof, compound wall, gate, furniture etc. and white washing

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