Warangal District DEECET 2015 Colleges List in TS-Dietcet-D.ed Colleges List

TS Deecet/Dietcet 2015 Handing over of list of colleges granted affiliation for that particular year by SCERT date:14.08.2015

Warangal District DEECET 2014 Colleges List in TS-Dietcet-D.ed Colleges List

College Code
College Name
114121001Govt. DIET Near Central Library ,HANAMKONDA,WARANGAL (Dt.)WARANGALTELUGU100
214121002Viswambhara Teacher Training Institute, Bollikunta, Warangal District 506005WARANGALTELUGU50
314121003Yasmeen Institute of Elementary Teacher Eduction, Unikicherla, Waddepalli, Dharmasagar (M) WarangalWARANGALTELUGU50
414121004Kakatiya College of D.Ed., K.No. Vol.182, Registration Doc 266, Plot No.351, Unikicherla (V&P) Dharmasagar (M) Hanamkonda town, Warangal dist. 506370WARANGALTELUGU50
514121005Dr. Zakir Hussain Institute of Elementary Eduction, D.No.15-1- 59/1A, Opp: Govt. Polytechnic, SVP Road, Warangal dist.WARANGALTELUGU50
614121006Balaji Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Formerly Maheshwara Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Maheshwaram, Narsampet(M), Warangal DistrictWARANGALTELUGU50
714121007Ekashila College of Diploma in Education, Ekashila Campus 6-2- 12, Hyderabad Road, Jangaon, WarangalWARANGALTELUGU100
814121008St. Peters College of Elementary Teacher Education, Vidyanagar, Hanamakonda, Warangal 506001WARANGALTELUGU50
914121009Fatima College of Elementary Teacher Education, Ftimanagar, NIT (P) Warangal dist.WARANGALTELUGU50
1014121010Vinuthna College of Education, Plot No.264 & 267, Jayagir Road, Hasanparthy (V&M) WarangalWARANGALTELUGU50
1114121011Sravanthi Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Dharmaram (P&M), Geesugonda, Warangal DistrictWARANGALTELUGU50
1214121012Jayamukhi Teacher Training Institute, Moqdumpuram, Chennaraopet, Narsampet, Warangal DistrictWARANGALTELUGU50
1314121013Mother Teresa Colelge of Education, No.137/A, 137/B, 150 & 152, Main Road, Yellandu Road (V) Mahabubabad(P&M) Warangal districtWARANGALTELUGU50
1414121014Vaagdevi College of D.Ed, Programme, Parkal, Warangal District 506164WARANGALTELUGU50
1514121015Vishwa Teja College of Elementary Eduction, Khasara No.189, 189/1, Waddepaly (V) Hanamakonda (P) Warangal dist.WARANGALTELUGU50
1614121016Margadarshi Elementary Teacher Education, Mahabubabad, WarangalWARANGALTELUGU50
1714121017Talla padmavathi Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Ursu Gutta, Warangal 506102WARANGALTELUGU50
1814121018Sri Vivekananda College of Elementary Education, 590/1, 591/2, Edulapussapally Road, Mahabubabad, Warangal DistrictWARANGALTELUGU50
1914121019Vivekananda College of Education, Plot No.715/1, 724/1, Narasampet Village, Post & Taluk, Warangal District 506132WARANGALTELUGU50
2014121020Ganapathy D.ED College, Parkal, Warangal DistricWARANGALTELUGU50
2114121021Sri Aurobindo Institute of Eduction, Khasara No.257, 258,260,261,263,263/B, Pembarthy (V&P) Jangaon (M)Warangal distWARANGALTELUGU50
2214121022Dr.M.R. Reddy College of Elementary Teacher Education, Parakal (M), Warangal DistrictWARANGALTELUGU50
2314121023DRS College of Education, Sy/Plot No.298/C1, Fatehpur Village, Thorrur Post and Taluk, Warangal District 506163WARANGALTELUGU50
2414121024St. Marys Elementary Teacher Training Institute, H.No.6-2-7/1/1, Hyderabad Road, Jangaon, WarangalWARANGALTELUGU50
2514121025St. Anns Teacher Training Institute, Plot / Khasara No.236-B, plot No.6-2-7/1-1B, Hyderabad Road, Jangaon (Town &M) WarangalWARANGALTELUGU50
2614121026Jangaon College of elementary Teacher Education, No.1-2-333, Siddipet Road, Jangaon, WaangalWARANGALTELUGU50
2714121027Shivani Institute of Teacher Education, Khasara/ Plot No.89, 103, 101, 87/2, 107, 90/2, 91, Ramavaram Street, Laknepally Village, Maheshwaram Post, Narsampet Taluk & City, Warangal District -506331.WARANGALTELUGU50
2814121028Rahmans Elementary Teacher Education Institute, Jangaon, Warangal District - 506167.WARANGALTELUGU50

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