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PRC-2015 Revision Pay Scales – Recommendation of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission – Orders – Issued.
Go 25 PRC 2015 Fitment Go 25-Revised Pay Scale Go 25-PRC Go 25 Download
Read the following:-

1. G.O.Ms.No.95, G.A. (Spl.A) Department, dated: 28.2.2013.
2. G.O.Ms.No.294, Finance (PC.I) Department, dated: 26.10.2013.
3.G.O.Ms.No.10, Finance (PC.I) Department dated:06-01-2014.
4. G.O.Ms.No.5, G.A. (Spl.A) Department, dated: 12-01-2015.



1.In the Government Order first read above, orders were issued constituting Pay Revision Commission, appointing Sri Pradeep Kumar Agarwal, IAS (Retd) as Pay Revision Commissioner andlaying down the terms of reference of the Commission.

2. The Pay Revision Commission submitted its Report to Government on 29-05-2014 and recommended, inter-alia, the following in regard to Revised Pay Scales and fixation of pay in the Revised Pay Scales:
  1. (a) To continue the concept of Master Scale.
  2. (b) To merge the Dearness Allowance as on 01.07.2013, i.e., 63.344% sanctioned in the Government order second read above, in the pay.
  3. (c) A revised master scale of

    Rs.13000-390-14170-430-15460-470-16870-510-18400-550-20050-590-21820-640-23740-700-25840-760-28120-820-30580-880-33220-950-36070-1030-39160-1110-42490-1190-46060-1270-49870-1360-53950-1460-58330-1560-63010-1660-67990-1760-73270-1880-78910-2020-84970–2160–91450– 2330- 100770-2520–110850(80).
  4. (d) To continue the existing 32 grades and 80 segments of the Revised MasterScale.
  5. (e) A fitment benefit of 29% for fixing the pay in the Revised Pay Scales.
  6. (f) To sanction five stagnation increments beyond the time scale in all grades in the event of stagnation.
  7. (g) The Revised Pay Scalesshould come into force from 1.7.2013 and as regards giving monetary benefit, the Commission left to the Government the date from which it would come into effect keeping in view its resource position and the demands on those resources.
3. Government, vide G.O. fourth read above, constituted a High Power Committee to process the recommendations of the Pay Revision Commission and also to hold necessary consultations in that regard with the Service Associations. The High Power Committee, accordingly initiated the consultative process and completed its meetings with major employees associations. The Chairman of the High Power Committee has briefed the Government in regard to the deliberations of the Committee on 05-02-2015.

4. Government held discussions with the Chairman and Members of the Joint Action Committee of Employees, Teachers and Workers of Telangana, and the Representatives of Telangana Secretariat Employees on 05-02-2015 in regard to implementation of the major recommendations of the PRC. It was agreed that:

  1. (i) A fitment benefit of 43% would be given for fixing the pay in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 as against the fitment benefit of 29% recommended by the Tenth Pay Revision Commission. The Dearness Allowance of 63.344% as on 01-07-2013 will be merged in the pay as recommended by PRC.
  2. (ii) The Revised Pay Scales will be implemented notionally from 01.07.2013 with monetary benefit from 02.06.2014.
  3. (iii) The benefit of the Revised Pay Scales 2015 will be paid in cash for the salary of March, 2015 payable in April, 2015.
  4. (iv) The other demands of the Joint Action Committee of Employees, Teachers and Workers, Telangana and Telangana Secretariat employees will be placed before the High Power Committee constituted vide G.O. 4thread above.
5. Government, in pursuance of the above agreement, decided to implement the recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission indicated in Para (2) above with the modifications as indicated in para (4) above and accordingly order the following on the Revised Pay Scales and fixation in the Revised Pay Scales.

6. The Revised Master Scale

  1. (i) The Revised Master Scale shall be  Rs.13000-390-14170-430-15460-470-16870-510-18400-550-20050-590-21820-640-23740-700-25840-760-28120-820-30580-880-33220-950-36070-1030-39160-1110-42490-1190-46060-1270-49870-1360-53950-1460-58330-1560-63010-1660-67990-1760-73270-1880-78910-2020-84970–2160–91450– 2330- 100770-2520–110850(80).
  2. (ii)The existing 32 Grades shall continue with80 segments in the Revised Master Scale.
  3. (iii)The Revised Scales of Pay shall be as set out in Schedule-I to the Notification appended to this order against each of the corresponding existing pay scales specified therein. These scales shall be common to all the employees in various categories except where specified otherwise in the Departmental Pay Schedule (Schedule-II) appended to the Notification. Holders of posts not included in Schedule-II will be governed by the Revised Pay Scales corresponding to the present scales as shown in the Schedule-I.
  4. (iv) The requests for any further revision of pay scales for the categories already included in the Schedule-II shall not be entertained in any case.

  1. (i)The Revised Pay Scales, 2015 shall be deemed to have come into force on and from01.07.2013. The monetary benefit shall be allowed from 02-06-2014.
  2. (ii) The salary in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 will be paid in cash from the month of March, 2015, payable in April, 2015.
  3. (iii) As regards the arrears of salary in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 from 02-06-2014 to 28-02-2015, orders will be issued separately.
  4. (iv) Interim Relief paid from 01-01-2014 to 01-06-2014 shall not be recovered.
Interim Relief paid for the period beyond 02-06-2014shall be adjusted from the monetary benefit payable on account of implementation of Revised Pay Scales.

8. The Pay of the employee in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 shall be fixed witheffect from 01.07.2013 or any other subsequent date in accordance with the option exercised as per the rules in the appended Notification. The Rules for exercise ofoption and fixation of pay in the Revised Pay Scales are notified in the Notificationappended to this order.

9. The Revised Pay Scales shall apply to –

(a)all employees of the State Government;

(b)the employees of the Local Bodies and Aided Institutions including Aided Polytechnics, who are in receipt of pay in a regular pay scale in the Revised Pay Scales of 2010; and

(c) the Work-charged Establishment in receipt of pay in a regular pay scalein the

10.Revised Pay Scales of 2010.

(a) Wherever statutory Notifications are required to be issued for applying these orders to the employees other than Government employees, theAdministrative Departments of the Secretariat concerned shall issuesuch Notifications.

(b) Separate orders will be issued in regard to Officers and Staff of the High Court of the Judicatureat Hyderabad for the State of Telangana and the State of Andhra Pradesh.

11.(a) The Revised Pay Scales, 2015 will not apply to the teaching and otherstaff in Government Colleges, including Medical Colleges, Government Aided Private Colleges who are drawing pay in the RevisedUGC/ICAR/AICTE Pay Scales.

(b) The Revised Pay Scales, 2015 will also not apply to the officers of theA.P. Higher Judicial Service and A.P. State Judicial Service who aregoverned by the recommendations of the First National Judicial Pay Commission and subsequent pay revisions.

12.(a)The Revised Pay Scales, 2015 will not apply to the persons who were re-employed before 1st July, 2013 and are continuing on re-employment beyond that date.

(b) The Revised Pay Scales, 2013 will not apply to the employees of Industrial and Commercial undertakings of the Government, Contingent Establishment both full time and part time and employees who are engaged on contract and or on out sourcing basis.

13. In respect of employees of Public Sector Undertakings and Cooperative Societies, the same procedure as was done with last Pay Revision shall befollowed.

14. In respect of employees who are already enjoying the benefits of Automatic Advancement Scheme, the Pay shall be fixed in the corresponding revised scales of Automatic Advancement Grades in accordance with these instructions.

15. All Government employees who are required to exercise their option in terms of these orders are requested to keep in view the implications of such orders of Government revising House Rent Allowance, Additional House Rent Allowance and Gratuity.

16. In case of employees who opt to continue in the existing pay scales, the Interim Relief shall cease to be paid with effect from 01.03.2015.

17. The Interim Relief shall not be included as pay for the purpose of fixation in the
Revised Pay Scales, 2015.

18. Government also hereby order that all the employees falling under Grade-I toGrade - XXXII are entitled for five stagnation increments beyond the time scale in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015. These stagnation increments shall be treated as incrementsfor all purposes such as fixation of pay on promotion / Automatic Advancement Scheme, Pension etc.

19. The above orders are issued in so far as the recommendations relating to thescales of pay, pay fixation and other related matters are concerned. Orders shall be issued separately covering the other recommendations of the Pay Revision Commissionregarding Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Additional House RentAllowance in lieu of rent free quarters, City Compensatory Allowance and otherAllowances, Special Pays, Automatic Advancement Scheme, Loans and Advances, Pension, terminal benefits and related matters.

20. All Drawing Officers shall take immediate action for fixing the pay of all Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Officers whose pay and allowances are drawn by Heads of Offices in their substantive as well as officiating posts. In the case of Heads of Departments, the pay shall be fixed by the Pay and Accounts Officer, Hyderabad under intimation to the administrative department of the Secretariat concerned.

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