TS Govt Not to Recover Interim Relief (IR) from Employees

  1. It is good news for state government employees as interim relief (IR) paid from January to June 2014 will not be recovered. Orders were issued on Wednesday for implementing new pay scales for government employees with 43 per cent fitment. Though, the Cabinet took the decision to give 43 percent fitment from March 1, orders were issued on Wednesday.
  2. The state government employees were getting interim relief (IR) from January 2014. However, the revised pay scales would be implemented from June 2, 2014, i.e. the day the Telangana state was formed. The interim relief paid from January 1 to June 1, 2014 will not be recovered. Interim relief paid for the period beyond June 2, 2014 will be adjusted from revised pay scales, the orders said.
  3. The revised pay scales, 2015 shall be deemed to have come into force fromJuly 1, 2013. The monetary benefit will be allowed only from June 2, 2014, the orders said.
  4. The salary in the revised pay scales, 2015 will be paid in cash from March and it is payable in April.
  5. As regards arrears from June 2 to February 28, orders will be issued separately.
  6. The revised master scale will be `13,000-390-14,170- 430-15,460-470-16,870-510 -18,400-550-20,050-590- 21,820-640-23,740-700- 25,840-760-28,120-820- 30,580-880-33,220-950- 36,070-1030-39,160-1,110- 42,490-1,190-46,060-1270- 49,870-1,360-53,950-1,460- 58,330-1,560-63,010-1,660- 67,990-1,760-73,270-1,880- 78,910-2,020-84,970-2,160- 91,450-2,330-1,00,770-2- ,520-1,10,850(80).
  7. The existing 32 grades will continue with 80 segments in the revised master scale, the orders said.  
  8. The government also issued separateGOs forHRA, DA and CCA. House Rent Al lowanc e (HRA) in Hyderabad which is classified as A1 city will be 30 per cent. HRA will be 20 per cent in Karimnagar, Khammam, Mahbubnagar , Nizamabad, Ramagundam and Warangal.
  9. The HRA will be 14.5 per cent in towns where the population was more than 50,000 and below two lakhs. For all the places, the HRA will be 12 per cent.
  10. The minimum CCA will be `200 and the maximum is `1,000 depending on the place and the basic pay, the orders said.

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