TS Go.1410 Extension of Other Duty/OD facility to Principal Office bearers

TS/Telangana Go 1410 Other Duty” facility to Principal Office bearers Extended:Service Associations of Telangana State – Extension of “Other Duty” facility to Principal Office bearers – Orders-G.O.Rt.No.1410 Dated:20-05-2015 – Issued.

Read the following :-

1.G.O.Rt.No.110, G.A.(SW) Department, dated: 01.07.2014.
2.G.O.Rt.No.226, G.A.(SW) Department, dated: 19.07.2014.
3.G.O.Rt.No.1053, G.A.(SW) Department, dated: 13.11.2014.
4.G.O.Rt.No.700, G.A.(SW) Department, dated: 03.03.2015.
5.Repn from President, Sri G. Gyaneshwar, President, Telangana Class – IV Employees Assn., dated: 27.02.2015 & 26.03.2015)
6.Repn from the Genl. Secy., State Teachers Union T.S(STU TS), Hyderabad Lr.No.STUTS/193/2015, dt: 19.03.2015)
7.Repn from the President/Genl. Secy., Telangana State United Teacher Federation (TSUTF), Lr.No.21/2015, dated 25.03.2015)
8.Repn from the Genl. Secretary, Progressive Recognized Teachers Union,
T.S. (PRTUTS) Lr.No.33/PRTU/2015, DT: 26.03.2015.)
9.Repn from the President,Telangana Rastra Teachers Federation(TRTF) , Lr.No.18/TRTF/2015, Dt:30.03.2015.)
10.Repn from the President/Genl. Secy., TNGOs Central Union, Lr.No.24/TNGOs/CU/2015, Dt: 30.03.2015


1.Government, after considering the requests made in the representations 5th to 10th read above, in continuation of orders issued in G.O.1st and 4th read above, hereby extend O.D. facility to the following Principal Office Bearers of the respective Associations, pending recognition of the Associations in the State of Telangana w.e.f 01-04-2015 to 31-12-2015 or till constitution of Joint Staff Council etc. which ever is earlier.

Sl.No.Name of the Member AssociationName of the person provided with O.D. facility
1Telangana Non-Gazetted Officers’ Central Union.Sri K.Ravindar Reddy , President.
Sri M.A. Hameed, General Secretary
2Progressive Recognized Teachers Union, TSSri P.Venkat Reddy, President
Sri P.Sarvotham Reddy, General Secretary
3Telangana State United Teachers Federation (TSUTF)Sri A.Narsi Reddy, President
Sri Ch. Ravi, General Secretary,
4State Teachers Union, Telangana State (STU TS),Sri Chanduri Raji Reddy, President,
Sri B.Bhujanga Rao, General Secretary
5Telangana Rastra Teachers Federation (TRTF)Sri Muppidi Mallaiah, President,
Sri Allala Laxma Reddy, General Secretary
6Telangana Class IV, Employees Central AssociationSri G.Gyaneshwar, President

2. The Departments of Secretariat / Heads of Departments concerned shall take necessary action accordingly.

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GO.1410 OD Facility to Principal Office Bearers of Employees Service Associations of Telangana/TS Go Download

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