Go 29 Home Guards Daily Duty Allowance (DDA) Enhanced from Rs. 300/- to Rs. 400/-

Home Guards Daily Duty Allowance (DDA) Enhanced from Rs. 300/- to Rs. 400/-

Home Guards Organization – Enhancement of Daily Duty Allowance (DDA) from Rs. 300/- to Rs. 400/- and certain other allowances to the Home Guards - Orders-G.O.MS.No. 29 Dated: 30.04.2015 – Issued.
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Read the following:-

1. G.O.Ms.No.6, Home (Police Budget) Department, dated 08.01.2014.
2. From, DGP, Telangana, Hyd Letters.No.1103/HGs/Estt/2014, dated 18.12.2014 and dated 21.04.2015



1.In the reference 1st read above Government have enhanced the Duty Allowance to the Home Guards from Rs.200/- to 300/- per day with the conditions stipulated thereon. 

2. In the reference 2nd read above, the Director General of Police, Telangana State, Hyderabad has stated that the sanctioned strength of Home Guards in Telangana State is 16,460. The Home Guards Organization is intended to provide trained volunteers service to help, assist, supplement and handle essential services like electricity, transport, fire services, water works, nursing and first-aid through its functional units and as an auxiliary to Police. The Home Guards perform the duties and tasks assigned by the organization to which they are deputed and are subject to all responsibilities and obligations attached to that post or duty. They exercise the powers and enjoy the protections attached to the organization by which they are employed. While serving as an auxiliary to the Police Force, they discharge practically all the duties of a Police Constable and some of their important duties. They are also being deployed on multifarious duties that too for very long hours without break. He has also contended that the remuneration being paid to the Home Guards is very less and not commensurate with the remuneration of even private persons performing similar duties. There has been a constant demand for enhancing their remuneration and allowances keeping in view the day to day requirements. Finally, the DGP, Telangana, Hyderabad has requested to enhance the duty allowance to the Home Guards of Telangana State, from Rs.300/- to 400/- along with other allowances, such as uniform allowance, parade allowance etc..

3. After careful consideration of the proposal of DGP, Telangana, Hyderabad, Government hereby enhance the following allowances to the Home Guards:

i) Daily Duty allowance (DDA) from Rs.300/- to Rs.400/- with the conditions stipulated in the G.O. vide reference 1st read above.
ii) Uniform allowance from One pair to Two pairs per annum.
iii) Parade allowance from Rs.14+14 =Rs.28/- P.M to Rs.50+50 = Rs.100/- P.M

4. The Director General of Police, Telangana, Hyderabad shall take necessary action in the matter. 

5. This orders issues with the concurrence of Finance (EBS-VI) Deptt., vide their U.O.No.1435/252/A1/EBS.VI/15, dated 27.04.2015.

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Go 29 Home Guards Daily Duty Allowance (DDA) Enhanced from Rs. 300/- to Rs. 400/- Go 29 Home Guards Daily Duty Allowance (DDA) Enhanced from Rs. 300/- to Rs. 400/- Reviewed by Tteachers on Friday, May 01, 2015 Rating: 5

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