Go 68 PRC 2015 Ration allowances for TS Employees

Allowances - Manual of Special Pays and Allowances - Recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission – Revised rates of Ration Allowance Accepted- Orders-G.O.MS.No. 68 Dated: 04-05-2015 - Issued.

Read the following:

1. G.O.Ms. No.104, Finance (TA) Dept., Dt:6.4.2010.
2. G.O.Ms.No.25, Finance (HRM.IV) Dept., dt: 18.03.2015


1.In the Government order first read above, orders were issued sanctioning of Ration Allowance to the categories of employees specified in the Annexure to the G.O., based on the recommendation of 9th PRC.

2. In the Government Order second read above, based on the recommendations of Tenth Pay Revision Commission orders were issued for implementing the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 to the State Government employees.

3. The Tenth Pay Revision Commission, among others, recommended for enhancement of the existing rates of Ration Allowance to the categories of employees of Medical Departments. In the case of staff of Grey Hounds and Special Intelligence Branch personnel of Police Department, the Pay Revision Commission recommended to increase the existing rate of Rs.450/- per month to Rs.600/- per month. The Ration Allowance is also extended to the personal of T.S.S.P. from Inspector to Constable, Cooks @ Rs.900/-pm for the period when they are deployed outside Head Quarters on duty.

4. Government accepted the recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission, and hereby order that the Ration Allowance be revised as shown in the fourth column of the Annexure to this Order to the categories of employees indicated therein. 5. These orders shall come into force with effect from 01.05.2015.

6. Necessary amendments to the Manual of Special Pays and Allowances wherever necessary will be issued in due course.


Sl.No.Department and CategoryExisting AmountRevised Amount
(i)A.N.M. MPHA (F)170/-p.m.300/- p.m.
(ii) Health Visitor170/-p.m.300/- p.m.
(iii) Public Health Nurse225/-p.m.400/- p.m.
(i)Staff Nurse225/-p.m.400/- p.m.
(ii) Nursing Supdt. Gr.I225/-p.m.400/- p.m.
(iii) Nursing Supdt. Gr.II225/-p.m.400/- p.m.
(iv) Head Nurse225/-p.m.400/- p.m.
3AYUSH DEPARTMENT (Formerly Indian Medicine

& Homoeopathy)
(i)Head NurseNil400/- p.m.
(ii)Staff Nurse225/-p.m.400/-p.m.
(iii) Senior Sister225/-p.m.400/-p.m.
(iv) A.N.Ms.170/-p.m.300/-p.m.
i)Staff Nursenil400/- p.m.
ii)Health Visitornil400/- p.m.
iii)Head Nursenil400/- p.m
iv)Nursing Suptd Gr.I/Gr.IInil400/- p.m
(i)Group Commander450/- p.m.600/-p.m.
(ii)Squadron Commander450/- p.m.600/-p.m.
(iii) Assault Commander/ Deputy Supdt. of Police (Communications)450/- p.m.600/-p.m.
(iv) Deputy Assault Commanders/450/- p.m.600/-p.m.
(v) Asst. Assault Commander/ Sub-Inspector

(Communications) Inspector &

Asst. Sub-Inspector (Communications)
450/- p.m.600/-p.m.
(vi) Sr. Commandos/ Head Constable (Communications)/

 Head Constable (Dog Squad)
450/- p.m.600/-p.m.
(vii)Jr. Commandos/ Police Constable Communications/

FE Dog Boys/Police Constable (Dog Squad)
450/- p.m.600/-p.m.
6Special Intelligence Branch Personnel of Police Dept.450/- p.m.600/- p.m
7Telangana State Special Police

(For the deployed outside the Head Quarters on duty.)
following are
1. Reserve InspectorNil900/- p.m.
2.Reserve Sub-InspectorNil900/- p.m.
3. Asst. Reserve Sub-InspectorNil900/- p.m.
4. Head ConstableNil900/- p.m.
5. ConstableNil900/- p.m.
6. Cooks (LGS)Nil900/- p.m.

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