GO.66 PRC 2015 Supervisory Allowance Enhanced to TS Employees

Allowances – Revision of Pay Scales - Recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission - Enhancement of Supervisory Allowance - Orders-G.O.MS.No. 66 Dated: 04-05-2015 - Issued
GO.66 TS PRC 2015 Supervisory Allowance Enhanced to Telangana Employees,G.O.MS.No. 66 Dated: 04-05-2015,10th PRC Supervisory Allowance,Go 66
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1. G.O.Ms.No.117, Finance (TA) Department, dated: 07-04-2010
2. G.O.Ms.No.25, Finance (HRM.IV) Dept., dated:18.03.2015.


1.In the Government order first read above, orders were issued sanctioning an amount of Rs.100/- per month as Supervisory Allowance to certain categories mentioned therein based on the recommendations of Pay Revision Commission, 2010.

2. In the Government order second read above, based on the recommendations of Tenth Pay Revision Commission, orders were issued for implementing the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 to the State Government Employees.

3. Among others, the Tenth Pay Revision Commission, recommended for enhancement of Supervisory Allowance from Rs.100/- to Rs.150/- per month to certain category of posts working in the Local Bodies, Municipalities and Municipal Corporations.

4. Government accepted the recommendation of Tenth Pay Revision Commission and hereby order that the following categories of employees shall be sanctioned Supervisory Allowance at the rate of Rs.150/- per month.

1.Local bodiesDaroga
2.a) Local bodies

b) Municipalities Sanitary
3.Municipal Corporation Hyderabad (GHMC) SanitaryJawan

5. These orders shall come into force with effect from 01.05.2015.

6. Necessary amendments to the Manual of Special Pays and Allowances shall be issued in due course.

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