AP UPS/Schools Draft Rationalization Guidelines/Norms

AP Upper Primary Schools Draft Rationalization Guidelines/Norms,AP UPS Rationalization Guidelines

Resource Redistribution - Rationalization(RR-R) of Upper Primary Schools

Status of UP Schools

1. less than 35 enrolled In class VI & VII

2. 2372 Schools ( including 269 with Zero enrolment)

3. 1,04.016{Students)

4. 7339 (Teachers)

5. less than 55 enrolled in Class VI. VII & VIII

6. Schools - 1497

7. Students - 98,198

8. Teachers - 5357

9. Total unavailable UP Schools

10. No of Schools -3869 (2732+1497)

11. No of UP Schools to be made Into '\/lode! UP Schools @ 1 in each GP -2603 (1687 + 916)

12. Balance UP Schools will gel downgraded to be Primary Schools -1266

Basic Norm for Model Upper Primary School

1. Upper Primary School with less than 35 students enrolled in Class VI & VII & less than 55 students enrolled In Classes VI, VII & VIII will be considered as unviable. Such schools shall be considered for positive consolidation with another UP or High School within 3 kms 10 create a Model UP School in the same location.

2. It will be a composite UP School with classes from I to VIII.

3. Exception to this Is 10 continue the UP School with less than 35 enrolment where there is no other UP or High School within a radius of 3 kms

4. There will be no multi grade/class teaching by 1 Teacher in the Model Upper Primary School

Establishment for Model UP School

a. Nine (9) Teachers will be provided with 5 teachers (101 Primary Section) + 4 Teachers for UP Section (Mathematics /Science, English / Social, Telugu and Hindi) If there are at least 160 students (Including Primary sections) enrolled @ at least 20 per class. One of the Senior Tear-her will act as Head master.

b. Beyond 200 enrolment. one additional School Assistant will be provided Senior most SA will act as Head Master

c. Package of facilities for Model UP School

i. Full furniture

ii. Adequate Toilets and water supply

iii. Library Room with 1600 books @ 10/student

iv. Audio-Visual equipped Class rooms

v. One ECE Center, based on the availability of space in the same building.

Academic support to be provide to the Model UP School

a. Quality enhancement initiatives to improve learning levels of students will be taken up

b. Special Training in English Teaching to the identified Teacher

c. Academic coordination & Monitoring support with additional teachers will be provided.

d Adequate Teaching-Learning Material will be provided to the Model PS

Exceptions for positive consolidation/merging

a. Physical barriers - Canal, National Highway, Railway track

b. Schools in Primitive Tribal Groups habitations not to be merged

c. Minor medium schools

It is proposed that RR-R of Schools should be done on the basis of aadhaar seeded Childinfo and not UDISE enrollment data. An analysis of Schools, Teachers that Will be covered .under RR-R using UDISE & Childinfo data Indicates the following:

Number of Upper Primary Schools likely to be affected

Under Childinfo (as per aadhaar seeded child Info enrolment data).

a. UP Schools with VI-VII Classes 2372

b. Of these 1792 Schools are less than 3 kms. They are located in 1687 GPs. In other words 2372 unviable UP Schools can be consolidated Into 1687

Model UP Schools

c. In other words the downgraded UP School will function as Primary Schools

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