AP Go 82 CCE Implementation for VI to IX Classes from 2015-16

AP Go 82 #CCE Implementation for VI to IX Classes from 2015-16:CCE-Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation pattern of examination system – Implementation of Examination Reforms for Classes VI to IX from the Academic year 2015-16 and for class X from the Academic Year 2016-17 in fullest extent – Orders Issued.


1.In continuation of the Curriculum Reforms undertaken under National Curriculum Frame Work -2005 and Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009, and with an objective to facilitate for a shift in the teaching learning process and to improve transactions of new technologies, and to transform the ways of learning to be comprehensive, holistic and dynamic, Government have brought in the Examination Reforms vide G.O. Ms. No. 17, School Education (PE.Prog.II) Dept. dated 14.05.2014 for classes IX and X from the academic year 2014-15 onwards. However, certain quantitative and qualitative measures were contemplated under the reforms such as reducing the number of papers from 11 to 9, giving 80% of the weightage to the Subject papers, and 20% of weightage to the Internal Assessment of the Student, Training for teachers on the new patterns of teaching and text books, summative and formating assessment etc., all of which require extensive capacity building at the level of all High Schools in the State of Andhra Pradesh but the said training programmes were not held due to various administrative reasons.

2. The Commissioner of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad in letters 2nd, 7th & 8th read above has stated, among other things, that the concept of Internal Evaluation has not drilled into the minds of either Government Teachers or Private Teachers. Since there are large number of Government as well as Private Schools in the State and introduction of the new procedure without taking adequate preparatory steps to orient the Teachers and Students to the new system will have serious ramifications on the future of the students. In the G.O. Ms. No. 17, School Edn (PE.Prog.II) Dept. dated 14.05.2014 has reduced the Language papers whereas the basic objective of School Education is to impart languages in the early years of student life. As such reducing two papers of the Languages to one paper and giving lot of weightage to the Subjects is not desirable at School level. The Commissioner & Director of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad has also opined that it is not possible to monitor the Internal Evaluation of large number of Government and Private Schools in the State and the new system would eventually result into reduction of academic standards.The Commissioner of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad has, therefore, requested the Government to rescind/defer the G.O. Ms. No. 17, dated 14.05.2014 and requested to accord permission to constitute an Expert Committee with the Directors, RMSA, Government Examinations and SCERT to study and propose modifications to the reforms mentioned in the G.O. Ms. No. 17, dated 14.05.2014.

3. In the circumstances reported by the Commissioner of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad and considering the opinion of the Commissioner of School Education that require in depth study and consultation on the various academic issues raised, Government have kept the G.O. Ms. No. 17, School Education (PE.Prog.II) Department, dated 14.05.2014 in abeyance for the Academic Year 2014-15 only and constituted an Expert Committee with the following officers as proposed by the Commissioner & Director of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad: -

1. Director, RMSA, A.P. Hyderabad
2. Director of Government Examinations, A.P. Hyderabad
3. Director, SCERT, A.P. Hyderabad

4. Accordingly, the Commissioner of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad has submitted report of Expert Committee for taking necessary action in the matter vide reference 11th read above. The Expert Committee made the following recommendations

a) Implementation Schedule

  1. CCE should be implemented (Internal and External mode) from class VI to IX during this academic year (2015-16). This will be the field experience for the stakeholders to implement examination reforms in a desired manner.
  2. March 2016 SSC Public Examinations will be without internal marks, pattern and procedure will be as followed in 2015 public examinations. 11 papers with old patterns the number of questions will be same. But the nature of questions will be thought provoking, analytical and open ended in nature.
  3. CCE pattern of examination system for class X in fullest extent should be adopted during 2016-17 onwards with 11 papers.
  4. SCERT take responsibility to implement examination reforms up to class X.

b) Papers and Marks 

Subject Total
Marks for
final Public Exam
Internal assessment marks [ 4FAs and 3SAs ]
First Language Paper I (Telugu/
Sanskrit/ Kannada/ Odia/ Tamil/ Urdu)
50 marks 40 20
First language Paper-2 (Telugu/
Sanskrit/ Kannada/ Odia/Tamil/Urdu)
50 marks 40
Second Language (Telugu/ Hindi) 100 marks 80 20
Third Language Paper-1 (English) 50 marks 40 20
Third Language Paper-2 (English) 50 marks 40
Mathematics – Paper 1 50 marks 40 20
Mathematics – Paper 2 50 marks 40
Science-Paper-1 (Physical Science) 50 marks 40 20
Science Paper-2 (Bio Science) 50 marks 40
Social Studies – Paper 1 (Geography & Economics) 50 marks 40 20
Social Studies – Paper 2
(History & Civics)
50 marks 40
Total 600 marks 480 120
Composite Course - Sanskrit Paper – 1 70 60 20
Composite Course - Sanskrit Paper – 2 30 20

c) Marks weightage and duration of examination

  • Language subjects – 40 marks per paper and the examination duration will be 2 hours and 30 minutes in addition to 15 minutes for reading the question paper (2 hours 45 minutes) for Telugu/ Sanskrit/ Kannada/ Odia/ Tamil/ Urdu. 80 marks Hindi paper duration is also the same.
  • Non language subjects – Mathematics, Science and Social Studies – Every subject will have two papers and each paper is for 40 marks and the examination duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes in addition to 15 minutes for reading the question paper.
  • The Summative Examinations which are school based for class VI to IX and the final summative is of public exams at class X conducted by Director, Govt. Examinations. Each subject will be conducted for 80% of marks. The remaining 20% of marks are through internal assessment i.e. four Formative Assessments [FA] and three Summative Assessments [SA]
  • The total marks of four Formative Assessments and two Summative Assessments conducted in an academic year will be accounted for 20% of marks in class X public examinations.
  • Conduct one paper on each day except on general holidays.

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