TS SSC Exams 2016,Instructions to HMS

Sub:- S.S.C., O.S.S.C., and S.S.C (Vocational Course) Public Examinations, March- 2016 and onwards – Important instructions for the preparation of Nominal Rolls and OMR cum ICR forms and submission of the same to the District Educational Officers concerned for onward submission to the Office of the Director of Government Examinations, T.S., Hyderabad – Issued – Reg.

  •  1)This office instructions on Rc No.150/B-2/2014, Dt: 18 -09-2014.
  • 2) GO Ms.No.17, School Education (PE-Program-II) Dept., Dated 14.05.2014.
  • 3) G.O.MS.No.2, School Education (PROG.II) Dept., Dated.26.08.2014.

TS SSC Exams 2016,Instructions to HMS

It is hereby informed to all the Heads of High Schools in the State presenting Regular / Private (Once failed) / OSSC Candidates for SSC Public Examinations, March- 2016 that the online receipt of candidates applications and also OMR cum ICR forms will be continued for this year to avoid mistakes. The OMR cum ICR form contains two pages as supplied earlier. Separate guidelines will be kept in Website and will be intimated later on.

The following are the instructions for the preparation of Nominal Rolls and OMR cum ICR forms in respect of Regular / Private Once failed Candidates appearing for the S.S.C / O.S.S.C and S.S.C. Vocational Course Public Examinations, March- 2016.

It has been observed in the previous years that the Headmasters of certain Schools have submitted ICR cum OMR forms and MNRs after 1 to 3 Months i.e., after the actual date of remittance of exam fee paid by them. In all such cases late fee was collected as applicable on the date of submission of ICR cum OMR forms in addition to initiating disciplinary action against the Headmaster / Management.

The due dates now fixed for submission of OMR cum ICR forms, Manuscript Nominal Rolls and remittance of examination fees must be followed without any delay and deviation scrupulously. Mere payment of examination fees will not exempt from payment late fee if they submit Manuscript Nominal Rolls (MNRs) filled in OMR cum ICR forms along with challan in the office of the District Educational Officer concerned after due dates. After expiration of due dates they will not be taken in the Office of the District Educational Officer concerned and the Headmaster / Management will have to face consequences and will be held personally responsible for the students from whom they have collected fees.



There are two categories of candidates appearing for SSC Public Examinations, March- 2016.

1. Regular candidates: Students presently studying X class in Government, Zill Parishad, Municipal, Recognised Private Aided, Recognised Unaided and T.S. Residential, T.S.SW Residential, T.S.TW Residential and KGBV High Schools and in Model Schools.

2. Private (Once Failed ) Candidates: Failed in June – 2015 and failed prior to SSC June
2015 Examinations.

Note: As per the G.O.Ms.No.2 School Education department dated 26.08.2014., The existing facility of Students appearing for SSC Public Examinations without School Study is be dispensed with from March 2015onwards. Such Students can appear for X Class through other alternating systems like National or State Open School systems.


1. Regular candidates studying X class (OSSC) in OSSC Schools.
2. Private Once failed candidates.
3. As per the G.O.Ms.no. 2. School Education Department dated 26-08-2014 all the Composite courses being in vogue is dispensed with i.e. the composite Telugu and Sanskrit(03T/04S) similarly Urdu and Hindi(03U/08H), Urdu and Arabic (03U/05A), Urdu and Persia (03U/06P), Marathi and Hindi.(03M/08H) (80+20 Marks)


1. Students who opted SSC of general stream and vocational course appearing for vocational subjects for March-2016.
2. Private candidates once failed in vocational subjects.

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