Rc 359 TS RMSA Grants Utilization Guidelines 2015-16

Telangana Rc 359  TS #RMSA School #Grants Utilization Guidelines 2015-2016 and Instructions:

Subject: SE- RMSA - Release of funds towards implementation of RMSA Programme in Telangana under the components of School Annual Grants and Minor Repairs at School level - Utilization of funds for the year 2015-16- Reg.

  • 1. Letter.F.No.34-2/2015 RMSA-1(GEN), Dt:01.06.2015 of Govt. of India.
  • 2. Minutes of the 44th RMSA Meeting held on 01.05.2015 Dt:16.05.2014 of the Government of India MHRD, New Delhi.
  • 3. Lr.No.1-18/2015 - RMSA.III, dated.22-9-2015 of the Joint Secretary to GoI, MHRD Department, New Delhi.

TS RMSA School Annual Grant Utilization Guidelines

Telangana Rc359  TS RMSA School Grant Utilization Guidelines

All the Head Masters/ Principals & Chairmen of School Management Development Committees of identified Secondary Schools & all the District Educational Officer & Ex-Officio District Project Coordinators in the State are informed that GOI, MHRD, New Delhi have sanctioned & released amounts vide references read above. Wherein the Govt. of India had only released Rs.81.31 Crores out of total approval under RMSA Recurring Grants of Rs.215.64 Crores and the Govt. of India had further not released total Recurring grants under RMSA scheme.

Therefore, the Director of School Education & Ex-Officio Project Director, RMSA, Telangana, Hyderabad is pleased to accord sanction and released an amount of Rs.13.4225 Crores @ Rs. 50,000/- to each 5369 secondary schools in the State (list of schools enclosed) towards School Annual Grants as a First installment.

Further, they are informed that GOI, MHRD, New Delhi have communicated a Framework for Implementation of RMSA Scheme. Based on the Frame Work of chapter IV of 4.6 the following are the details of sanctioned components, Grant of amount and details for utilization of Grants relating to Physical infrastructure, School Annual Grants and Minor Repairs under Recurring Grants:

Telangana RMSA School Annual Grants 2015-2016 Details

Component Grant amount

(in Rupees)
School Annual Grants
Repair/ replacement of Laboratory Equipments/ Purchase of Lab Consumable Articles/ Computer lab and Repairs & Minor Repairs

20,000/- 1. Science Lab for classes IX & X.

2. Replacement and/or repairing of laboratory equipments

3. Purchase of consumables/chemical etc.

4. Upkeep of laboratories (i.e Laboratory

5. Any other activity relating to Science, Mathematics and Computer lab.
Purchase of Books, Periodicals, news Papers, sports Equipments & Misc Expenses etc.

7,500/- 1. Purchase of books with due reference to the lists of books recommended by the KVS (or)

2. List recommended by the State Governments

3. Text books and reference books for teachers should also be included.(or)

4. as per the scheme formulated by Raja Ram Mohan Ray Library Foundation, the Nodal Agency of GOI, to support Public library Services and Systems.
Water & Electricity charges, Telephone charges, Internet Charges, Maintenance of Toilets', other rates & taxes.

Rs.22,500/- Rs.2500/- per month shall be meet for 9 months.

Based on above sanction of funds were released to all the Secondary Schools in the State under Recurring Grants for the year 2015-16 with instructions to utilize the Grant released by the School Management Development Committees constituted for implementation of CSS RMSA Scheme at School level in the State duly following the Terms & Conditions stipulated by GOI, MHRD, New Delhi which are communicated vide Letter.F.No.24.7/2011-12/DEKJEOI/60, dated.1-2-2013 of the Prof. & Head DEK, NCERT, New Delhi including the norms prescribed by GOI on School infrastructure, learning resources, teachers and others from Para 4.1 to 4.8 and from Para 8.3.1 to 8.3.7 on management structure at school level to strictly adhere to the instructions/norms.

Further, a list of Laboratory Equipments & Lab Consumables (Phy.Science, Bio.Science & Mathematics) as recommended by the Director, SCERT in his Letter.Sp1 /01/ Science /B3/ SCERT /2010, dated.15-03-2010 was already communicated to all the Secondary Schools in the State wherein they have been requested to instruct the concerned to purchase the needy and useful items for imparting Science Education to IX & X Class studying students in the School, subject to condition that "so far as the schools not having proper/functional lab, while spending the funds released for purchase of lab consumables/ equipment and only such items may be purchased which are easily storable and would assist towards gradual building up of a proper lab".

Furthermore, as per the "Catalogues obtained from KVS, NCERT, NBT, CBT, Telugu Academy and Telugu University" the Head Masters/SMDCs are recommended and suggest to procure the required Books, Periodicals, news papers etc. as per need base from the under mentioned Titles, periodicals and catalogues.

Further, allocated amount for Water & Electricity charges, Internet Charges, Maintenance of Toilets' should be meet monthly to ensure that clean drinking water shall be supplied to the students and Toilets should also be maintained neatly without fail. Further, these guidelines are applicable for both 2014-15 and 2015-16 financial year.

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