TS Polycet 2017 Test Pattern and Exam Syllabus

TS Polycet 2017 Test Pattern and TS Polycet 2017 Exam Syllabus are as follows

TS Polycet 2017 Test Pattern and Exam Syllabus

TS Polycet 2017 Test Pattern and Exam Syllabus
TS Polycet 2017
  1. The examination (POLYCET) will be of 2 hours duration consisting of only one paper as per the syllabus in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry of X Class (S.S.C.) Examination held in March/April-2016 as prescribed by the Board of Secondary Education, Telangana State
  2. The Question paper consists of 120 questions with a choice of four responses for each question with only one correct response among them
    i) 60 Questions in Mathematics for 60 Marks. 
    ii) 30 Questions in Physics for 30 Marks. 
    iii) 30 Questions in Chemistry for 30 Marks
  3. Besides the items listed at Serial No. 5 above, the candidates should not bring any other material. This instruction sheet also should not be brought into the examination Hall. Instruction sheet would be available in the Examination hall for ready reference. Candidates should not bring Logarithmic Tables, Calculators, pagers, Cell phone or any other supporting electronic gadgets into the Examination Hall. Any candidate found in possession of any forbidden material will be sent out of the Examination Hall and may also lead to the cancellation of performance of the candidate.
  4. Candidates must remain seated in their allotted places till the completion of the Examination. In no case will they be allowed to leave the examination Hall till 12-00 Noon, i.e. one hour after the commencement of the Examination. Before leaving, the candidates must return the response sheet/answer sheet and can take away the question paper booklet. 
  5. Every Candidate appearing for POLYCET-2016 shall be provided with a specially designed Optical Mark Reader (OMR) Response Sheet (Answer Sheet), on which the candidate shall have to mark his or her answers and other relevant data. The method of marking the answers is illustrated in this section. Candidates are advised to go through the instructions given for marking the answers and other entries on the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) response sheet thoroughly and practice the same at their residence, which would make it easy for them to answer in the Examination Hall. Further the Candidates are advised not to scribble or make any marks on the response sheet except marking the answers and other relevant data at the appropriate place on the Response Sheet. Any violation of these instructions will automatically lead to the disqualification of the Candidate.
  6. Candidates shall note that they will not be given a second blank Optical Mark Reader (OMR) response sheet under any circumstances. Hence they are advised to be very careful while handling the OMR response sheet. Candidates shall read the instruction sheet carefully before starting to answer the questions
  7. The question paper booklet given to the Candidates shall consist of 120 multiple choice type questions in Three (03) different sections with four responses given to each question. Out of which only one response is correct for the given question. Candidates shall mark the correct answer in the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) response sheet by shading in Dark the appropriate circle with 2B pencil only. They should not use under any circumstance Ball pen for this purpose.
  8. Candidates shall be required to indicate their Hall ticket number on the Optical mark reader (OMR) response sheet. It shall be done as demonstrated by shading the appropriate circle. 
  9. Candidates are requested to answer all questions. All questions carry equal marks. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers 

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