Loss of PRAN Password (I PIN) & Re-Issue Password

  1. If you forget your password or password blocked, you have to take the following action
  2. you need to submit the Subscriber details Change Request Form (S2 Form) to your respective PAO (Pay and Account Office) through DDO (Drawing and Disbursing Officer).
  3. You need to fill up ‘Section C’ of S2 form for reissue of IPIN and TPIN. Please mention your active Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) in the form which is your user ID.
  4. After receiving your S2 form, PAO will capture the request for re-issue of IPIN in CRA system by logging into NPSCAN website (www.npscan-cra.com) using the I-Pin provided by CRA to PAO at the time of registration. After receiving online request, CRA will reissue the password and your IPIN envelope will be sent to your communication address mentioned in PRAN application form by you at the time of registration for NPS. PAO has to retain the change request forms and shall not forward the forms to CRA.