CCE Grading Instruction for 9th and 10th | Progress Cards and Records for Telangana Schools

As per Go No17 and Go No 2 Telangana SCERT Hyderabad prepared Progress cards and Records for the Telangana Schools,details of Records as given bellow.
Head Masters and Teachers maintain the following Registers
Progress Cards and Records for Telangana Schools
  1. A. Children's Performance Record for Curricular Subjects
  2. B. Children's Performance Record for Co-Curricular Subjects
  3. C. Central Marks Register for Classes 9th and 10th: In this register we can enter the following details
    (a)Curricular subjects
    (b) Co-curricular subjects(in the children progress record only grades will be recorded)
    (c)Health Status and Checkup Details
    (d) Attendance Particulars
    (e)Head Master opinion
9th and 10th Progress Report contains following details
  1. Health Status and Checkup Details
  2. Attendance Particulars
  3. Parents Opinion(Feedback)
  4. Children Data will be provided
  5. Curricular subjects
  6. Co-curricular subjects
FA Details:
  1. Subject specific
    Languages-Read the library books or other books and writing the review report(Book review);
    Maths -Generating new problems on various concepts of each unit;
    Science - Lab record based on experiments;
    Social Studies-Reflection on social and contemporary issues.
  2. Written works-
  3. Writing answers for exercises given in the textbooks
  4. Project works
  5. Slip test
  6. Grade and grade points details:
  7. Grades given to curricular and Co-curricular activities are same they are. A1: 91-100(10); A2: 81-90(9); B1: 71-80(8); B2: 61-70(7); C1: 51-60(6); C2: 41-50(5); D:35-40(4); E:0-34(3); Grade may be given to the total 20 marks under Formative and 80 marks under Summative along with grade for the total i.e., 80+20=100
Central Marks Register For 9th and 10th classes
Central Marks Register contains following Parts
  1. Curricular subjects
  2. Co-curricular subjects
  3. Health Status and Checkup Details
  4. Attendance Particulars
  5. Head Master opinion
Note:In the central marks Register marks and grades will be recorded
         In the children Progress Record only Grades will be recorded