Go 90 Transfer Travelling Allowance to Telangana Employees-PRC 2015

Transfer Travelling Allowance to TS Employees-TS/Telangana PRC 2015 :ALLOWANCES - Civil Services (Travelling Allowance) Rules - Recommendations of Tenth Pay Revision Commission - Transfer Travelling Allowance - Orders-G.O.Ms.No.90 Dated: 12-06-2015 - Issued.

Read the following:

1. G.O.Ms.No.128, Finance (TA) Dept., dated: 17.04.2010.
2. G.O.Ms.No.25, Finance (HRM.IV) Dept., dated: 18.03.2015.


The Tenth Pay Revision Commissioner has reviewed the existing Transfer Travelling Allowance as per the orders issued in the G.O. first read above and recommended on the following items:

1. (i) Enhancement of packing/loading and unpacking/ unloading charges for the transfers outside the state.

(ii) Enhancement of packing and unpacking charges for the transfers outside the zones.

(iii) Enhancement of packing and unpacking charges for the transfers within the zones.

2. Enhancement of disturbance allowance (Lump sum Transfer Grant)

3. Enhancement in the rates of mileage.

2. The Government, after careful consideration, have accepted the recommendations of Tenth Pay Revision Commission, relating to Transfer Travelling Allowance and hereby order as follows:-

Grades of Officers:

2.1. The classification of Officers into grades shall be as indicated below:

Grade-I Employees drawing pay in the revised scale of pay ofRs.49,870-1,00,770 (corresponding to Rs.25,600-50,560) and above.

Grade-II Employees drawing pay in the revised scale of pay of Rs.28,940-78,910 (corresponding to Rs.14860-39540) and upto and inclusive of Rs.46,060-98,440 (Corresponding to Rs.23,650-49,360).

Grade-III Rest of the employees.

2.2. Charges for the transport of personal effects :

The State Government employees are allowed the actual charges spent by the employee for the transport of personal effects subject to the following maximum amount admissible as per the Grade to which the employee belongs. These charges may be allowed irrespective of the mode of transport of personal effects between the two places either fully connected by rail, or fully not connected by rail but fully connected by road, or partly connected by rail and partly connected by road.


Maximum Weight permissible


Grade – I

5000 Kgs

@ Rs.0.005 per kg / per km

(Maximum of Rs.25/- per k.m.)

Grade – II

4000 Kgs

@ Rs.0.005 per kg / per km
(Maximum of Rs.20/- per k.m.)

Grade – III

3000 Kgs

@ Rs.0.005 pr kg / per km
(Maximum of Rs.15/- per k.m.)

2.3. Packing / Loading and Unloading / Unpacking charges:

In addition to the payment of charges towards the cost of transport of personal effects, Government employees are allowed actual charges towards packing / loading and unloading / unpacking of personal effects subject to the following maximum limits in view of the general increase of charges.


Transfer within the State

Transfer outside the

Transfer within the

Transfer outside the Zone








500 (at each end)

1000 (at each end)

1000 (at each end)

2000 (at each end)

5000 [Rs.7000 for those in the existing scale pay of Rs.29,200 -
53060 &

7000 [Rs.9000 for those in the revised scale pay of Rs.56870-
& above]


300 (at each end)

600 (at each end)

600 (at each end)

1200 (at each end)




200 (at each end)

400 (at each end)

400 (at each end)

800 (at each end)



2.4. Disturbance Allowance or Lumpsum Travel Grant on transfer:

In case of transfer of an employee from any place within the State to Delhi and any other place outside the State and also in the case of transfer from Delhi and places outside the State to any place within the State, the Government employees are eligible for Disturbance Allowance or Lump sum Travel Grant for each transfer at the following rates.

(a) Grade – I : Rs.15,000/-
(b)Grade – II :Rs.12,000/-
(c) Grade - III : Rs.8,000/-

2.5. Mileage Allowance :

In cases when a journey between the places not connected either by railway or by a regular public motor service, is performed the employees are eligible for mileage allowance at the rates indicated below provided the place visited is situated outside a radius of 8 k.m. from headquarters or from one camp place to another camp place.
Grade -Revised Rate
Grade – I Rs.7/- per K.M. 
Grade – II Rs.6/- per K.M. 
Grade – III Rs.5/- per K.M.

3. The claims already settled otherwise need not be reopened. Claims, which are not preferred but are pending, shall be admitted in audit in accordance with the above orders.
4. The existing Civil Services (Travelling Allowance) Rules and orders
issued from time to time shall continue to apply except as provided for in this order.

5. Application of these orders to the Officers of All India Services, employees drawing pay in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 and employees drawing pay in the U.G.C. scales.

5.1 In so far as officers belonging to All India Services who are in Central
Scales of pay, are concerned, the classification of Grades shall be as follows:-

(a) Officers of All India Services in Junior Time scale shall be under Grade II under these orders.

(b) Officers belonging to All India Services other than those mentioned at (a) above shall come under Grade I under these orders.

(c) Employees drawing Pay in the U.G.C. Pay Scales of
1996/2006 of Rs.10000-15200 and Rs.15600-39100+ AGP Rs.7000 and above respectively shall come under Grade-I and remaining others shall come under Grade-II under these orders.

5.2. All India Service Officers serving the affairs of the State are allowed an option to choose either the rules of Government of India or the State Government rules for regulating their tour T.A., Transfer T.A. and T.A. for L.T.C.

6. For the employees continuing in the Revised Scales of Pay, 2010, the classification shall be the same as was in force prior to the introduction of Revised Scales of Pay, 2015, i.e. in the Government Order second read above, but the rates of Transfer Travelling Allowance will be as prescribed in this order.

7. These orders shall come into force with effect from 01.06.2015 i.e. for the journeys performed on or after 01.06.2015.

8. Necessary amendments to the Civil Services (Travelling Allowance) Rules, 1996 shall be issued in due course.

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