TS Govt Tenth PRC Fitment 43% is announced for Telangana Employees

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday announced the New Year bonanza, though late by a month, to the State Government employees with 43 per cent fitment in pay scales. The hike in salaries will be implemented retrospectively from June 2, 2014 and the new salary would be paid from March.
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Telangana PRC Fitment 43%. Telangana Govt Fitment 43%. Telagnana 43% Fitment G.O.
Telangana Govt Employees Pensioners Fitment G.O

Telagnana Govt has decided to give  10th PRC fitment 43% their employees Pensioners and Teachers  .Telangana State Govt Employees, Teachers will get 43% Fitment for tenth PRC. This will be implemented from 2nd June 2014. 43% Fitment G.O will be issued tomorrow. This is really a good news for Telangana Employees. The 10th PRC has recommended only 29% fitment of Basic Pay for AP and Telangana state govt employees. But the state govt has announced 43% Fitment for its employees. 
When pointed out that the Government had decided to hike the salaries much in excess to the recommendation of 29 per cent fitment made by the 10th Pay Revision Commission (PRC), the Chief Minster said that there were several instances of State Governments taking decisions to hike the salaries beyond the PRC recommendations.

He hailed the role of Telangana employees in the movement for separate statehood to the region and they did not fear even to face legal cases to be part of the movement including their historic participation in the sakala janula samme that went on for 42 days. Thus the State owed a great deal to the employees for their resolve in the movement.

Stating that there were several anomalies and scale disparities in salaries, Mr. Chandrasekhar Rao announced that the Pradeep Chandra Committee would continue its work to look into such issues. The decision was taken without wasting more time as the Election Commission was likely to announce the schedule for Council elections in the State anytime and in that event the pay revision would get postponed further, he explained.

Recollecting his promise of ensuring an employee-friendly government, the Chief Minister said that the service scales and rules would be rationalised and streamlined as they were bulky and contradictory practically in some cases.

(1) D.A. admissible as on 01/07/2013 i.e., 63.344% may be added to the Basic pay.

(2) 29% of the basic pay may be added to the total of Basic pay + D.A. arrived at (1) above;

(3) The pay of the employees should be fixed in the relevant revised scale at the stage next above the amount arrived at as at (2) above;

(4) If an employee’s pay when fixed as above falls short of the minimum in the revised pay scale, it shall be fixed at the minimum of the scale;

(5) If the amount so fixed exceeds the maximum, the excess shall be treated as personal pay and it should be absorbed in future pay increases or in the stagnation increments sanctioned.