Go.199 TA Ceiling exemption in the 5th State Finance Commission

Travelling Allowance - TA Ceiling exemption in the 5th State Finance Commission - Sanctioned - respect of the staff of Orders-Go.No 199 Dated 29.05.2015- lssued.


1. GO(P) No.74i2Ol2lFin dated 28.01.2012
2. S.R.O No. 78512014 dated 17.12.2014 issued vide GO(P) No.560 l2OL4lFin dated
3. Letter No. L{lA2lLslsth SFC. dated 25.04.20L5 from the Secretary, 5th State Finance Commission.


1.ln the notification read as 2 above, Government have constituted the sth Finance Commission to revievr the financial position of the Panchayats and Municipalities and to make suitable recommendations. The period of the Commission now decided is one year with effect from the date of notification. The Secretary, 5th State Finance Commission as per the letter read as 3 above, has requested Government to exempt the staff of the Commission from the purview of monthly/quarterly ceiling on TA as lot of statewide traveling is required for the timely collection/analysis of datQ for the functioning of the Commission which.is a timebound one.

2.Government have examined the matter in detail and are pleased to order that the staff under the 5s State Finance Commission is exempted from the monthly/quarterly ceiling on TA fixed as per the Government Order read as L above for a period of one year from 17.12.20L4.

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