AP PRC Gos 66,67,68-AAS Go.68,Stagnation Increments Go.67,Family pensioners Go66

AP PRC 2015Gos, Go.No 66,Go 67,Go 68 Download Here,PRC AAS Go 68,Stagnation Increments Go.67, Family pensioners Go 66

AP PRC 2015 Gos 66,67,68 Download

Consolidation of Pension/Family Pension to Pensioners in the Revised scales of Pay, 2015 – Sanction of Additional Quantum of Pension to the Pensioners/Family pensioners - Orders-G.O. Ms. No.66 Dated:12-06-2015. - issued.

Go.68 AP PRC 2015 Sanction of Stagnation Increments Go 68: Revised Scales of Pay 2015 –Sanction of Stagnation Increments- Orders-G.O.Ms.No. 67 Dated:12.06.2015 – Issued.

AP 10th PRC 2015 Automatic Advancement Scheme/AAS Go.No 68 Dated 12.06.2015-RPS 2015 AAS Go.68: Recommendations of 10th Pay Revision Commission- Implementation of Automatic Advancement Scheme —Orders-G.O.Ms.No.68 Dated:12-06-2015 — Issued.