TS SSC exam recounting re verification dates,application form 2018-2019 process

TS SSC exam recounting re verification dates,application form 2018-2019 process :Director of SSC Govt. Exams, TS has given guidelines to all the DEOs of the state that the ts ssc results 2018 of Public Examinations ,March 2018 have been announced on 27-05-2018.You are aware that the Department has to commence the work relating to entertaining applicants for Re verification cum providing photostat copies of valued answer scripts immediately after release of results. All the proforma s and directions which were communicated last year will holds good for this year also and identify subject experts in all subject codes and kept them communicated to be ready to commence the work at short notice and see that the work is completed as per the schedule.
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TS SSC exam recounting re verification dates,application form 2018-2019 process

TS SSC exam recounting re verification dates,application form 2018-2019 process

The candidates who desire to get their marks recounted should remit Rs.500 per Subject within in 12 days from the date of publication of results the following Head of Account in Government Treasury.
  • 0202    - Education,   Sports,   Arts  & Culture
  • 01  - General   Education
  • 102  - Secondary   Education
  • 06-  Director   of Government   Exams
  • 800  -User  Charges
The candidates can apply for recounting of marks directly to the Office of the Director of Government Examinations, Telangana, Hyderabad in person or by Post.

Instructions/Guidelines for the TS SSC Exam Recounting 2018-2019

1) The  candidate   has  to  submit  his  recounting   application   in  the  %     the  Director   of Government     Examinations,      Telangana,     Chapel     Road,    Gunfoundry,     Nampally, Hyderabad-50500   1 directly  to reach this office intime.

2)  Application  format  is kept in the website  www.bse.telangana.gov.in

3)  The prescribed  fee for each subject  is Rs.5OO/-

4)  Enclose  Xerox  copy of Hall ticket,  Dummy  memo  of marks,  if not, the application  will be summarily  rejected.

5)  Fee paid  once  will not  be refunded  under any circumstances.

6)  Fee paid by way of drawing  Demand  Drafts  & Bankers  Cheques  will not be accepted.

7)  Enclose  One Self addressed  envelope  without  stamps.

8) The Challan  has to be paid by the individual  candidates  only and no group  challan  will be accepted.

9)  Application    for  recountin2    will  be  accepted   in  the   %     Director   of  Government Examinations   only.

TS SSC exam Re-verification cum  supply  of Photo  copy  of valued Answer Book.

This year also for March 2018 the system of Re- verification of Answer Books in all subjects is decentralized. The cand dates have to submit Re-verification applications along with Xerox copy of Hall ticket in the Office of the DEO concerned duly counter signed by the Headmaster concerned. Applications sent  by post  to  the Board will not be accepted.

Application format is kept in website i.e., www.bsetelangana.org and also they can be had from all District Educational (officers. The candidates have to remit the amount of Rs.1000 / - per subject through individual challan only to the following Head 0f Account.
  • 0202 -   Education,   Sports,   Arts  & Culture
  • 01 -   General    Education
  • 102 -   Secondary  Education
  • 06 -   Director   of Government Exams
  • 800 -   User  Charges

Instructions/Guidelines for the TS SSC Exam Revaluation 2018-2019

1) The candidate has to submit his application duly forwarded by the Headmaster of the school concerned duly getting the photo attested.

2) Application format is kept in the website www.bse.telangana.gov.in

3) The prescribed fee for each subject is Rs.1000/-

4) The application should be submitted directly at Counters Constituted at designated points to be announced by the District Educational Officers concemed.

5) Need not apply for Recounting of marks, if applied for supply of Photostat copy of valued answer script.

6) Should not send application for re verification of answer scripts directly to the 0/0 the Director of Government Examinations/ Board of Secondary. Education, Hydcrabad.

7) Enclose Xerox copy of Hall ticket, Dummy memo of marks, if not, the application will be summarily rejected.

8) Fee paid once will not be refunded under any circumstances.

9) Applications sending by post/courier service will not be accepted.

10) Fee paid by way of drawing Demand Drafts & Bankers Cheques will not be accepted.

1 1) The appeal for undervaluation or over valuation shall not be considered under any circurnstances.

12) The Xerox copy of the valued answer script will be sent to the candidate after re­

13) Enclose One Self addressed envelope of 12 X 9 Y2(book size) without stamps and another cover of lOX 4 Y2with the address of the Head master concemed.

14) The Challan has to be paid by the individual candidates only and no group challan will be accepted.

15) Application for recounting will be accepted in the % Director of Govemment Examinations only.


Filled in applications will be accepted at n e counters constituted by the District Educational Officers in the District Headquarters. Applications for Re-verification and supply of Xerox copies will be accepted from the candidates for 12 days from the date of release of results. Revised certificates

Note : The Candidates who apply for Re-verificat on need not apply for Recounting.

The provision of Re-verification includes the following:
  1. Re-totaling
  2. Whether marks for al1 answers posted or not.
  3. Unvalued answers will be got valued. Th: appeals for undervaluation will not be considered.
The results of the sse Public Examinations, March 2018 can be downloaded by the candidates from the internet   the following websites. This facility will be available for 15 days. bsetelangana.org
  • TS ssc exam Application for supply of Photostat copy cum Re verification of valued Answer Script ( Model form ) download from the following link: